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APLUS Functions as the Core Pillar of the Shinsei Bank Group’s Consumer Finance Business

In September 2004, APLUS has successfully entered into a full-scale partnership with the Shinsei Bank Group. And, APLUS actively functions as the core pillar of the Shinsei Bank Group’s Consumer Finance business, providing a number of financing products, including installment sales credit, auto-loan, credit cards, consumer loan and collection services to individuals.

In fiscal year 2005, we set up a merger with ZEN-NICHI SHINPAN CO., LTD., headquartered in Okayama Prefecture, in order to enhance our credit card and consumer finance business. Furthermore, we also established Alpha Servicer Co., Ltd. as a 100% subsidiary in order to use our know-how in unsecured debt collection to respond to the retail market’s increasing need for collection services.

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About the Shinsei Bank Group

Shinsei Bank Group offers total financial services including banking as the core business, consumer and commercial finance, securities and trust services. Leveraging the comprehensive strength of the Shinsei Bank Group, we provide value-added financial products and services to meet our customers’ needs and deepen relationships further. Shinsei Bank Group commits to deliver long-term profit growth by expanding its customer-focused business model.

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We are Strengthening the Group Relationship through Better Products and Services

We are strengthening our foundation by offering extensive products and services not only on our own, but also through co-development efforts with either Shinsei Bank or Shinsei Bank Group companies. For this purpose, we have been actively conducting workshops within the Shinsei Bank Group to help identify business-matching opportunities and also to refine our products and financial services.

We also strive to develop human assets for delivering better products and services with other Shinsei Bank Group companies. In turn, Shinsei Bank and Shinsei Bank Group companies accelerate the proliferation and sharing of experience and know-how that each company possesses through recruitment activities, training sessions and personnel exchanges. In so doing, we are committed to meeting the challenges of strengthening the Group relationship and enhancing the synergies within the Shinsei Bank Group.

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