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Message from the President

APLUS Co., Ltd. was established in 1956 as Osaka Credit Sales Co., Ltd. and since then has continuously grown and expanded its network nationwide, becoming a nonbank consumer finance company listed on the Osaka Stock Exchange.

The company was renamed Daishinpan Co., Ltd. in 1978, and changed its name to “APLUS” in 1992 to symbolize its strong intent and aspiration to grow beyond excellence.

APLUS became a part of the Shinsei Bank Group in fiscal year 2004, and in October 2006 celebrated its 50th anniversary by establishing a new management concept known as “APLUS Vision/Mission/Values,” which embodies the company’s direction, its role in society, and its corporate beliefs. Furthermore, in response to recent changes in the installment credit industry, APLUS has strengthened its cost structure and capital base for fiscal year 2006.

APLUS has the strategic vision to become the ‘next generation Shinpan company’ by not relying on economies of scale but being the player with high profitability. To archive the strategic vision quickly, APLUS has been implementing strategic plans by improving its infrastructure, skills and marketing strategies to reinforce cost structure and upgrading back-office operations. Furthermore, in April 2010, APLUS employed the operating holding company system to be able to more flexibly respond to the rapid changes in the business environment.

As Shinsei Bank Group’s core company for developing financial services for consumers, APLUS is focusing to execute its strategic plans to meet even more diverse customer needs in a flexible and prompt manner.

Akira Watanabe
Representative Director and President (CEO)

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