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Website Privacy Policy

On this website, “APLUS@Web,” the protection of our customers’ privacy is regarded to be of utmost importance and the personal information of our customers is strictly managed and treated with confidentiality.

Collecting personal information

Through this website, there are cases when we collect personal information for the purpose of responding to inquiries/requests, requests/applications for products or services and questionnaires/gift campaigns, etc.

Our company collects such personal information, with the consent of our customers, after specifying the purpose for such information. (Please note that there may be cases when we may not be able to provide prompt service to those who refuse to provide personal information.)

Using personal information

The information that is collected is mainly used to provide services to customers and for related operations within the scope of the purpose consented to by the customer.

The information will never be disclosed to a third party for any reason other than that consented to by the customers, such as making settlements, providing services or sending documents/goods.

However, please note that there are cases when the information collected is provided to a third party (e.g., when required by governmental authorities with jurisdiction in accordance with the law).

Managing personal information

We protect data and prevent illegal access to our customers’ personal information through stringent management of the information. This stringent and thorough management entails the preparation of regulations for operation/management of the equipment within which personal information is stored and the carrying out of internal education for compliance.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to continuously improve the protection and treatment of personal information.

Treating personal information on other sites

Our standards are not applicable to other sites linked to our company’s website.

We do not bear any responsibility for the security of personal information with regards to these sites. We recommend that users of these sites confirm the standards of personal information protection specified on these sites.

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